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Similar to the hybrid sedan, the roomier Prius V captures the "waste heat" from its exhaust system. However, flawed components in the recovery system may cause the Prius V to leak engine coolant. Apr 16, 2012 · "[Toyota] will replace weak actuators—control mechanisms—in the exhaust-heat-recovery systems of the 2011-12 Prius, for free. Toyota has developed a heat recovery system that uses spent exhaust gas to speed up the warming of engine coolant. A new dual-passage cooling system has also been adopted to reduce the volume of coolant flowing through the engine, helping the engine reach optimum operating temperature more.

Oct 17, 2012 · In fact, many automakers use simple heat recovery systems to divert waste heat from the exhaust back into the air intake to help improve engine warmup times,.

The brake power and recovery exhaust power are 0.901 kW and the percentage difference for exhaust and brake power is 61%. The result of availability of heat recovery by Robin engine is similar to 04 Prius 1NZ-FEX and BMW M135i which give 58% and 56%, resp. percentage difference. There are many sources of wasted heat in cars, including the radiator and the engine, but the biggest source is probably the exhaust. Given that most cars already recirculate exhaust in an EGR loop and that this technology will be even more important in the future, this provides an ideal opportunity to trap this otherwise wasted heat and use thermoelectric devices to convert it into electricity. Get a price for this vehicle. Leave us your contact information, and we’ll get in touch with you shortly to offer you the best price for your next Toyota vehicle! Apr 13, 2012 · In what Toyota calls a “service campaign,” the company will replace weak actuators—control mechanisms—in the exhaust-heat-recovery systems of the 2011-12 Prius, for free. The weakened actuators can. I thought they wouldn't bother with the Gen 3 and newer as access is restricted by the exhaust heat recovery system, but needless to say I was wrong. At least they didn't cut the coolant pipe! I installed a Dashcam front and rear with hardwire kit so it can operate while parked

Review A review of phase change materials for vehicle component thermal buffering Nicholas R. Jankowskia,b,⇑, F. Patrick McCluskeyb a Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate, U.S. Army Research Laboratory, 2800 Powder Mill Road, Adelphi, MD 20783, USA bDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, 3135 Glenn L. Martin Hall, College Park, MD 20742, USA. The 2019 Prius c’s Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive features a 1.5L Atkinson Cycle 4-cylinder engine with an exhaust heat recovery system, as well as a high-torque electric motor, storage battery and.

The main elements consist of a 73-horsepower, 1.5-litre Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine with exhaust heat recovery, a high-torque electric motor, a nickel-metal hydride battery pack and a. Toyota announces service campaign to fix exhaust on 28,000 Prius V hybrids. problem is with "weak actuators-control mechanisms" in the exhaust-heat-recovery systems that can end up leaking.

We already know the Prius typically achieves catalytic converter operation within ~40-45 seconds. The heat from the converter feeds to the exhaust heat recovery unit and then feeds the engine block. What isn't clear is how the system handle the subsequent higher temperatures without stressing the coolant.

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